Focus Area // Custom Codes / Trade

The lighting industry is undergoing a transformation in which conventional lamp types are being replaced by LEDs/OLEDs, which leads to an innovative and expanding product range. This requires an ongoing revision of the classification of LED/OLED products in the framework of the 2022 harmonised system code of the World Customs Organisation. By building coalitions in both Europe and at a global level, LightingEurope is influencing the revision of those custom codes.

Custom codes are not the only framework in the worldwide trade of lighting products. In the World Trade Organisation, several agreements are in force or are being discussed that have an impact on the quality of lighting. An example is the WTO Environmental Goods Agreement. Moreover, the EU also has bilateral (negotiations on) trade agreements with third parties. Examples are the CETA and TTIP. LightingEurope follows those topics closely.

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