LightingEurope Position on Compatibility Requirements for the Luminaire Label

Published on July 4, 2014

LightingEurope publishes its position on Compatibility requirements for the luminaire label.

ENEC+ Launches

Published on March 31, 2014

EEPCA, the European Electrical Products Certification Association, in cooperation with LightingEurope, today announced the launch of ENEC+, the first pan-European mark capable of certifying the initial performance of traditional and LED luminaires.

Accelerating Solid State Lighting Innovation for Europe: The FP7 SSL-erate Project Launches!

Published on March 11, 2014

On 1 November 2013 the project SSL-erate, part of the Seventh EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, was launched. On 1 April, 2014 this project will launch the platform at Light+Building. SSL-erate is a 3-year coordination project that aims to accelerate the uptake of high-quality Solid State Lighting (SSL) technology in Europe by supporting open innovation and bringing validated information to all relevant stakeholders.

LightingEurope Position Paper on LED Customs Codes

Published on February 26, 2014

European lighting companies as represented by the European industry association LightingEurope are seriously concerned about inappropriate classification of LED lighting products resulting in certain cases in significant cost disadvantages and a non-level playing field in international competition. Therefore, LightingEurope requests a thorough review of the current practice for classification of LED lighting products into customs tariff classes in the different European countries and by the different customs offices. Furthermore, LightingEurope requests the publication of relevant classification regulations supported by transparent guidelines (CN explanatory notes) for product classification which are necessary for reliable and accurate business planning. LightingEurope also suggests a review and appropriate amendment of the existing nomenclature to better accommodate LED lighting products.

LightingEurope Supports EU Parliament’s Firm Commitment to 40% Energy Efficiency Target for 2030

Published on February 7, 2014

On February 5, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for an ambitious and binding 40% energy efficiency target together with binding greenhouse gas and renewable energy targets for the EU’s 2030 climate and energy policy framework, as long advocated for by the Coalition for Energy Savings

Annual Report 2013

Published on December 18, 2013

LightingEurope's 2013 Annual Report features highlights and events of the past year, showcasing a remarkable first year.

LightingEurope EU Compliant Requirements Products Sheets for LAMPS_1st Edition_29112013

Published on November 29, 2013

The European Association LightingEurope representing the interests of the lighting industry in Europe has developed summary check lists and detailed EU Compliant Requirements Products Sheets for its major lighting products’ groups to support the Market Surveillance and Customs Authorities in thevarious EU Member States to identify compliance and/or non-compliance of the major lighting products’ groups with the applicable EU legislation requirements.