Supporting health, wellbeing and performance of humans

Light has been known for a long time to enable sight, safety and orientation. But light can do more than enabling vision. Light has the power to energize, to relax, to increase alertness, cognitive performance and mood, and to improve the sleep-wake cycle of people. Light can do much more than saving energy. The true value of light lies in the combination of excellent visual, biological and emotional benefits.

Human Centric Lighting supports health, well-being and performance of humans by combining visual, biological and emotional benefits of light.

LightingEurope aims at promoting the idea of human centric lighting (HCL) by making information material available, initiating scientific studies and organizing events

LightingEurope supports the EU sponsored lightingforpeople platform which has a strong focus on human centric lighting, as seen here


HCL infographic 20171002


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