Our Board

  • Alfredo Berges
  • Klaus Breisch
  • Lionel Brunet
  • Nathalie Coursière
  • Jan Denneman
  • Massimiliano Guzzini
  • Frank Hohn
  • Peter Hunt
  • Zoltán Koltai
  • Johan Segers
  • André ten Bloemendal
  • Klaus Vamberszky
  • Dr. Jürgen Waldorf
  • Thomas Walentowski
  • Dietmar Zembrot
  • Christian Schraft

The Lighting Europe Board

The LightingEurope Board is comprised of sixteen members; eight representing national associations and eight representing manufacturers—and all representing exceptional dedication and expertise in the lighting industry.

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Our Members

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Lighting Europe Organisational Chart

Contact us

  • LightingEurope is located at:
    Boulevard Auguste Reyers 80
    1030 Brussels, Belgium
    +32 (0) 2 706 87 17