Guidelines for Energy Labelling rules

LightingEurope has poured our members’ collective expertise into a new revised version 3 of our guidelines on the EU Ecodesign and Energy Labelling rules for light sources.

What’s new

This new revised version addresses the changes introduced by the Omnibus Amendment published on 26 February 2021 (e.g. SVM, heating lamps, energy label transition period from 1st July). We’ve also updated the text in some sections to reflect our understanding about how to interpret and apply certain requirements.

The LightingEurope guidelines contain the experience our members and staff have gained while discussing these new rules since 2015, when they were first being drafted, both with regulators and among companies within our working groups.

They are LightingEurope’s contribution to support all companies to understand and apply the new and complex rules, and to help all authorities enforce them.

LightingEurope pictograms – replaceable light source & replaceable control gear

The LightingEurope pictograms are free for any company to use in order to comply with the information obligations on the replaceability of light sources and separate control gears.
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If the product you are placing on the EU market contains a light source, you could be subject to the new rules.

The LightingEurope guidelines on the new ecodesign and energy labelling rules for gear can help your company understand:

  • are LED strips in scope of the new ecodesign rules?

  • are LED packages a light source?

  • what is meant by a light source that is ‘removable for verification’?

  • is your product a light source or a containing product? Depending on the answer to that question, what are your obligations?

  • what information should you include in the technical documentation?

  • do you need to put an energy label on the package of your product?

  • do you need to rescale the energy label and when?

  • is double labelling with both the EU and UK energy labels on the product packaging allowed?

  • what is the difference between measured, declared and determined values?

  • what is the EPREL database?

  • is the upload of test reports on the EPREL database mandatory?

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Package of 2 LightingEurope Guidelines:

  • ecodesign requirements for light sources and separate control gear

  • energy labelling requirements for lights sources

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These guidelines are intended to assist the market in understanding the EU Ecodesign Labelling rules for light sources.

Contact your National Lighting Association to confirm they are a member of LightingEurope and receive your access code to download your free copy.

Correction note to the LightingEurope guidelines on Ecodesign & Energy labelling - 16 March 2022.

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