Lighting products are subject to many EU rules: ecodesign, energy efficiency, energy labelling, safety requirements for low voltage, electromagnetic or radio emitting products and obligations to provide information.

LightingEurope engages with EU and national regulators to share our members’ technical expertise. Our objective is to help shape rules that improve the quality, safety and performance of lighting products and that can be easily understood and applied by companies and enforced by authorities.

There are many diverse applications for lighting, both consumer- and business-to-business, and each with different requirements and specifications: from your desk lamp and the lighting in our homes and offices to lighting for streets, tunnels, aquaria, lighting used in manufacturing equipment and medical devices, and lighting technologies used to disinfect water or purify the air.

LightingEurope helps our member companies and the global market understand and apply EU rules. Our Guidelines address the main legislative requirements for lighting products, including how to register a light source in the new EU Energy Labelling Database (EPREL).


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  • Over 50 lighting standards for LVD - illustrating the diversity of products and applications and commitment to health and safety


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  • Lighting manufacturers provide consumers with info on a product’s lifetime since 2009




EU Policies and Rules related to Sound Product Rules