LightingEurope advocates for #BetterLighting. Light enables vision, it helps us navigate our surroundings and makes us feel safe. But light can do so much more. 

By leveraging the potential of Human Centric Lighting, we combine the visual, biological, and emotional benefits of light to also support people’s health, well-being and performance. Human Centric Lighting provides the right light, at the right place and the right time for the activities we carry out each and every day whether we are at home, school, hospital, offices or on the street.

#BetterLighting is enabled by lighting systems that combine controls and sensors with smartness. Intelligent lighting systems can not only deliver significant additional energy savings, but also make our environments more attractive and functional by allowing users to dynamically adapt light to specific needs.

LightingEurope’s Value of Lighting Working Group engages with EU regulators to deliver the value of lighting, by creating a built environment that is not only energy efficient but is also better for people.


Video: Lighting Controls

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  • Did you know the average 70-year-old needs 2 times as much light as a 30-year-old?


  • According to AASMorg, #BetterLighting in nursing homes improves the sleep, mood and behaviour of Alzheimer patients.


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EU Policies and Rules related to Value of Lighting

Standards related to Value of Lighting