Who we are

LightingEurope is the industry association that represents the lighting industry in Europe. We are the voice of more than 1000 lighting companies who employ more than 100000 people over Europe.

Our daily mission is to advocate and defend the lighting industry in Brussels while reconciling it with ongoing EU policy aims. In doing so, we are dedicated to promoting efficient lighting practices for the benefit of the global environment, human comfort and the health and safety of consumers.

What we do

Our unique strength resides in bringing together leading industry actors with local and European policy experts in so called Working Groups (WG). These WGs are essential in our mission as they crystalize and often merge different viewpoints on burning lighting industry issues, hence paving the way for concrete policy steps.

Their output allows us to operate at the frontline of EU policy-making. Our WGs are nothing short of real entry points to the Brussels arena and merit your full participation!